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And he’d dance for you…

One of the joys of retirement is that when something catches your interest you can make the time to chase it around a little and see what pops up. Usually it is a meander through the serendipity of google, a

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Down to the shade by the river

“I’m going down to the shade by the river one more time And feel the breeze on my face before I die. I’m gonna leave whatever’s left of my luck to the losers And bend me down and kiss the

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So, not the sign of a nerd

Kathleen Lindsley prevents my occasional excursions to photograph inn signs from becoming the weird pastime of someone who is a close cousin of train spotters or stamp collectors. Whenever I rehearsed my excuses, ready to trot them out if ever

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Discovering Roger Mason

  For £1.49 in a charity shop, the slightly battered Readers Union book seemed like a bargain. I only took a cursory glance, the illustrations suggesting it was another bit of local history written by an enthusiast I put it on the

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Is there a better way to remember Thomas?

Thomas Marshall Coomber, my great grandfather, worked on farms from the age of 12. In those days before tractors, milking machines and other mechanical aids, it was long hours of often tough, physical work. My father spent his childhood with

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Unlocking the Lock’s secrets

This painting of Hirst Lock on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal is tucked away at the end of a dark corridor off the main council chamber in Bradford City Hall. It first came to my notice when local barber and historian Peter

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It’s not a rehearsal

You don’t have to be academically bright to be a footballer which is why so many of them struggle when a microphone is thrust under their nose. They know the game, don’t worry about that. They know what has gone

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