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Towering Views

A trip to photograph the Roll of Honour at St Paul’s Church, Shipley for my Shipley in World War I website turned into something of an adventure when I was invited to go up the tower. ‘First though, you must

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Everyman’s (and woman’s) history

Sometimes I wish I still believed in the heaven of my childhood, where departed souls met up with old friends and family while keeping a benign eye on those below they once knew. It would be such fun right now

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And he’d dance for you…

One of the joys of retirement is that when something catches your interest you can make the time to chase it around a little and see what pops up. Usually it is a meander through the serendipity of google, a

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Down to the shade by the river

“I’m going down to the shade by the river one more time And feel the breeze on my face before I die. I’m gonna leave whatever’s left of my luck to the losers And bend me down and kiss the

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So, not the sign of a nerd

Kathleen Lindsley prevents my occasional excursions to photograph inn signs from becoming the weird pastime of someone who is a close cousin of train spotters or stamp collectors. Whenever I rehearsed my excuses, ready to trot them out if ever

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